Mary Therese Royal

Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor, PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Mary Therese Royal

Mary Therese has been practicing Pilates many years. Over her life, she has engaged in many different forms of exercise. Each of these exercise regimens provided some physical benefits; however, none of them completely transformed her body. And to be honest, none of them were particularly fun. In her search to try new things, she came across Pilates and began mat work at home. She immediately noticed changes in her core strength and flexibility. She then joined a Pilates studio in Bloomington, Indiana and became exposed to the equipment. This is where she truly fell in love with the work. The reformer and chair exercises strengthened and toned her in such a way that she no longer experienced knee joint or lower back pain that was beginning to plague her on a regular basis.

She wanted to share her enthusiasm for the work and pursued her certification. She believes every body can benefit from Pilates. She enjoys teaching those at the very beginning of their journey as well as bringing new challenges to seasoned clients.

Pilates has given her strength and confidence she never thought was possible and hopes to inspire all her students that they too can achieve happiness through physical fitness.

Certification: 600 hour Comprehensive Program through Lotus Pilates, Bloomington, IN

Peak Pilates: Integration of methodology into the contemporary approach