Kim Johnson

Peak Pilates Comprehensively Certified Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist
Kim Johnson

Kimberly Johnson is a lifelong student of movement. She began her love of movement through dance. Early on Kim realized that her calling was to help people understand and heal their bodies and began volunteering during high school at Johnson Memorial hospital and Sports Rehab. Kimberly continued her education attending UConn and studying Allied Health, and went on to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, with a specialty in Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release. Still wanting to learn more Kimberly became certified as a Personal Trainer through the rigorous ACE program. With 15 years experience she came to Pilates with a vast knowledge of the body and its workings.

Kimberly started Pilates at the InnerSpace to rehabilitate her hip, and quickly noticed that her pain diminished and then disappeared. As she returned to her normal active life as an avid cyclist, runner, hiker, and golfer she was amazed at how Pilates impacted everything she did. After years of study in private and group sessions, Kim took the next logical step embarking on the Peak Pilates Comprehensive Instructor pathway and receiving her certification.

Kim has worked closely with doctors and medical professionals over the past 24 years providing her healing touch and her Pilates now helps her take her knowledge and apply it to help others create healthy movement patterns. Whether your goals are rehabilitation, strength and flexibility, or just feeling better– Kim will create a program for you.

Today, Kim continues her Pilates education under the direct mentorship of Zoey Trap, Peak Pilates Program Director to become a Master Instructor. She is excited to lead the students of The InnerSpace along the path to health and well-being.