Peak Pilates Instructor Education

Peak Pilates

As one of the largest and only fully equipped Pilates studio in the Greater Hartford area The InnerSpace is committed to teaching the classical Peak Pilates method. Our work is not “based on Pilates‚” but simply is Pilates, the way it was created by Joseph H Pilates over sixty years ago.

The InnerSpace is proud to be a licensed training center for Peak Pilates Instructor training. Our studio was founded by Peak Pilates Program Specialist and Master Trainer Zoey Trap, Msc, and Kathryn Coyle Peak Pilates Senior Master Trainer. Zoey continues to mentor and oversee the Master Instructors holding training at The Innerspace.

The Peak Pilates courses culminate in an internationally renowned, PMA recognized, Peak Pilates certification. As a Peak Pilates Training Center we educate instructors by offering one of the premier Pilates certification programs in the world. Come and learn Pilates from the Teacher’s Teacher!

For more information or to enroll please visit Peak Pilates!